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If you own a portal web site, YouMob can help drive traffic to your site for FREE!

Partner beacons accompany outbound links that you think will make good mob sites. Visitors using your beacons are sent to the mobbed sites, where they'll enjoy them with other mobbers, share their reactions, and shout out live! If a linked page has not been mobbed yet, the first visitor will trigger the mob automatically.

When a visitor attends a mob via your partner beacon, you are credited for the referral. Your site banner is then displayed on, at a rate proportional to the number of visitors you refer. It's that easy.

Fill out the information below for each outbound link you'd you'd like to mob. We'll construct the Partner Beacon code for you.

Mob Site Address

Paste the URL of the page you are linking to. Be sure to include "http://" etc.:

Linkback Address

Paste the URL of the page to send users when they click on your linkback banner. Be sure to include "http://" etc.:

Linkback address:

Linkback Image

Paste the URL of your banner image. The image must be 60 x 260 (H x W) pixels, and provided in a standard web image file format such as .jpg or .gif. It may be stored in any web-accessible location. Be sure to include "http://" etc.:

Linkback image:

Choose a Type

Partner beacons can be either static or dynamic. Dynamic beacons indicate if the mob site is active with mobbers, which will entice visitors to join in. Static beacons do not indicate mob activity, and therefore load more quickly. Choose the type of beacon to use:

Dynamic - indicates mob activity

Static - faster loading

Choose a Style

You can choose from a variety of site beacon styles. Feel free to use different styles for different pages:

Beacon style:

Beacon Code

Place this code into your page: